This is a walk I did for Choose Ulverston - To find out more about Ulverston go to

ulverston panorama

Step by Step

  •  Start at Ford Park
  •  Follow the road up towards The Coach House Cafe & Bistro until you reach a cross roads
  •  Take a left, shortly followed by a right and go through the gate
  •  Follow the track until you get to the fork in the path, go left
  •  Follow the path until you reach a stone track, go left
  •  Follow the stone track until you reach Hoad, here you get a good view over Ulverston and in the opposite direction you can see the Lake District. Check out the plaques listing the names of the fells.
  •  Once you’ve taken in the views start to walk back down the stone track, this time keep following the track down through the fields.
  •  Eventually you will reach a fork in the path, follow the left path onto the grass and through the gate that meets
    in the corner of the field.
  •  The path will come out on Belmont Avenue, if you didn’t go through two kissing gates you’ve gone wrong.
  •  After the second kissing gate walk straight down the road, cross the road and walk down the path in front of you.
  •  This will come out on a T-junction, go right and you will walk into grounds of Ulverston’s St Mary’s & Holy Trinity Church.
  •  In front of the church there is another fork in the path, take the left turn and follow this until you reach the road.
  • Once you’re at the road, go left and follow the road up to Ford Park.

Difficulty – There are some steep parts but it’s a steady climb. There are some benches on the way up for some tactical view breaks whilst you catch your breath.

Wheelchair Friendly – No

Things to See  – Gardens at Ford House, views over the town, the coast and views towards the Lake District. Church.

Places to Eat/Drink – Ford Park Cafe

Distance – 1.69 miles/2.71 km

Terrain – Concrete, Gravel, Grass

Start point – Ford Park

Watch the walk – YouTube

Map Markers:

1. Start
2. Gate
3. Fork in the track - go left
4. Views over Ulverston/towards Lake District
5. Fork in the track - go left
6. Kissing gates