Heart Wood Surrounded By Snow. The Lake District

Heart Shaped Trees Surrounded By Snow

Part 4 of a commission photographing the heart shaped trees in winter

Lake District Photography


A few months a go I got commissioned to photograph these trees that are shaped like a heart in all 4 seasons. Summer and Autumn were pretty straight forward as it was simply choosing a day where it wasn’t raining. The winter photo proved to be more of a challenge.

The trees are on the side of the motorway on the edge of the Howgills. I figured that because of it’s location it would be covered in snow/be frosty in the valley during winter but I was wrong and I learnt that the hard way 3 times (slow learner, 240 miles for nothing)  but we finally got some snow and I managed to make the most of it. The forecast said snow at 8,9 and 10 so I got there for 8 and bang on time it started snowing as I got out of the car, so I quickly made my way up to my spot and framed up the photo.

Fortunately there was some sheep on the left hand side of the tree which I thought helped with the photo as the right hand side has nothing except a track. I was hoping that there would be some steam rising up from the river Lune in the valley below but you can’t have everything. Sheep and Snow was still a good combination.

Heart wood surrounded by snow. The lake District

Heart wood surrounded by snow. The lake District


I stayed here for a few hours just in case the snow got heavier so I experimented with the shutter speed a little bit. Longer exposures left big lines as the snow fell and faster froze the snow in the are created lots of white dots. I prefer clarity in my photos so I kept the faster shutter speed but it was interesting to play with different styles whilst waiting – and it helped distract me from the cold. You can see it in this photo of a sheep that was in the woods

Sheep In The Snow

Sheep In The Snow


The last thing I looked at was across at one of the farms, the last time I was here I got a photo where there was some mist coming in from the top of the fells and even though this day was completely different, it also had a lot of similarities


Farm in the snow.Lake District



Farming in the Howgills


There’s also a behind the scenes video over on my YouTube Channel – Adam Kappa
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