Fleetwith Pike In The Clouds | Lake District Landscape Photography

Fleetwith Pike In The Clouds | Lake District Landscape Photography

I’ve climbed up Fleetwith pike about 4 times now, usually starting down near Buttermere and heading up Haystacks and then circling back to the car via Fleetwith. This time we started at Honister pass giving us a bit of a head start. We knew the gap in the weather wasn’t that long so this seemed like the best choice. It wasn’t looking promising at the start as we were surrounded by clouds but we carried on hoping it would clear.

Fleetwith Pike 1

The tin hut
This was one of my back up plans for if the clouds didn’t lift. I was hoping that there would be some more atmosphere but I wasn’t waiting around to find out. I figured there would be better views higher up plus I could try again on the way down.

Fleetwith Pike 2

We climbed a bit higher and it felt like the clouds were going to lift so I set up the tripod and found a composition that might work. I think the hill I was looking at was High Stile, could be wrong though.

I liked the clear patch in the heather so I waited until there was a clear view through the clouds

Fleetwith Pike 3


Once the wide-angle photo was in the bag I swapped over to the 100mm to get a closer composition. Getting the clouds either side of the fell with a little bit of snow on the tops. The clouds soon rolled in again so I packed up and headed for the top.

Fleetwith Pike 4

The views on the top were pretty amazing when they were there. The clouds kept surrounding us and then clearing for a few minutes. I framed up for a photo of the cairn at the top plus where I thought the water would be. Fortunately, everything came together

This photo is available as a print

Fleetwith Pike 6

I moved lower down to try and get more of a drop in the photo. I like standing on the edges looking down so I try to photograph that when possible.
The light kept breaking through lighting up small areas of the fells, this helped make a photo that draws your eye around the photo. I wasn’t in control of any of that though so I just waited for the right time

This photo is available as a print

Fleetwith Pike 8

It started to feel like the forecast was right and that the rain was coming. We seemed to time the light right for the top as well so we quit whilst we were ahead and headed back down.

We took a slightly different route but it ended up in the same place. I grabbed another photo of the tin hut. This time with the 135mm. I think this worked out better than the first photo. The light is more atmospheric too.

Whilst I was waiting for the clouds to roll through one of the lorries from the quarry came around the corner making his way back down. We should of tried to hitch a ride

untitled 47
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