My Dad Taking In The View From Helvellyn. The Lake District 2
My first photography adventure – Helvellyn

I was looking through my old photos and stumbled onto this album again. I’d had my camera for 1, maybe 2 weeks at this point.
I was going out at every opportunity to try and improve. If you know me you’ll probably realise I don’t like thinking small. I had enough photos of my local town and wanted to climb a mountain, the view is ALWAYS better from the top so we headed for Helvellyn.


Date : 30/11/2012
Location : Helvellyn
Camera equipment : Canon 600d, 18-55mm kit lens, tripod I found in the attic, CPL filter to make me look like a pro ( I had no idea what it did )


Grisedale valley on a winters morning



We started the walk in Patterdale and made our way towards the Grisedale Valley and then up towards the hole in the wall.

We decided to wait until the hole in the wall to choose which way we went to the top. We decided to go up Swirrel edge rather than striding edge because of the conditions and we’d just come back in the better weather for striding edge.

There was a lot of trial and error figuring out what all of the numbers on the back of the camera meant but it was fun, learning the hard way is the only way I learn. I managed to come away with a few photos that I’m still happy with. Plus the photos brought back the adventure and I remember every part of it so it was definitely worth going!

 Where was your first adventure?

Red tarn. Helvellyn

My dad, taking in the view from Helvellyn. The Lake District

Swirrel edge. Helvellyn Black and white

The descent from Helvellyn

My dad and I with the top of Helvellyn in the background


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