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I recently bought a Lee Little Stopper (6 Stop) to get a photograph for a client. It’s not my usual style so I decided to head out into the Lake District and have a play and get used to it. I messed my ankle up at the weekend so I went to Blea tarn which only has a small walk, I’ll be back up on the fells asap. I did a video to show all of the setup over on my YouTube channel- Adam Kappa



I’m not a big fan of long exposures but I’ve never really experimented with them myself though so maybe it’s something that grows on you?

Question: Will I ever use this filter again? Or is it just something that will live in my bag and rarely make an appearance?

I decided to set the camera/tripod up so I got the same composition each time. I figured that to make it as realistic a test as possible I should use the CPL filter for the glare and a 2 stop soft ND Grad for the sky. I wasn’t sure how stacking all the glass would affect vignetting so I stuck them all and found out.

I did 3 photos. All at 41mm, ISO 100 and F8 with a 2 stop soft ND Grad and a CPL. They’re all photographed in RAW and converted to jpeg with no adjustments

1. No ND Filter
2. 2 Stop ND Filter
3. 6 Stop ND Filter








I’m still not fully convinced I’ll be doing a lot of these but it should be a fun thing to try out on the bad weather days to help make them look nicer. After I ended the video I stopped on the edge of Coniston water and tried a even longer exposure of 2 minutes. I personally think that’s too long, I think I like the idea of keeping some of the detail still in the water. I’m writing this on the 23/06/2017 I wonder how long it’ll take for me to change my mind.

Coniston water long exposure

Coniston water long exposure


This is the photo of the cotton grass I got at the start of the video . Looking down onto Blea tarn and up towards Great Langdale.



Cotton grass around Blea tarn the lake district

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