Fat man’s Agony | Lake District Landscape Photography

Fat Man’s Agony, Side Pike.

The Lake District

This is a relatively easy walk to do from Blea Tarn in the English Lake District. My brother was up North so we had a full pack of Kappas together so I decided to take them up onto Side Pike to take in the views over Great Langdale, and then up onto Lingmoor Fell. Join us on the day in the vlog, and see some of the photos below

Side Pike. Lake District Landscape Photography

Blea Tarn

We started the walk from down near Blea tarn and follow the path alongside the water’s edge and made our way up to the cattle grid. When I say we, I mean my brother and I. We dropped my parents off at the Cattlegrid saving them a bit of the walk.

From here you could look down into Great Langdale and across to Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, Rossett Gill and the Langdale Pikes. It was quite a cloudy day which made for some interesting photos as the clouds rolled over the tops.

Flying Over The Langdale Pikes

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Once we reached about the halfway point of Side Pike we stopped to take in the views down into the valley where you could see the Old Dungeon Ghyll pub with the Langdale Pikes filling the skyline above. My brother noticed that there were some Geese making their way across to the Langdale Pikes so I set up the frame and waited for them to go through the scene.

I liked how as they were flying the patterns in there formations changed. My favourite, was when it looked like an arrow.

I can see the pub



Looking down from where I took the last photo you could see the Old Dungeon Ghyll pub behind the heather. Behind the pub is the Langdale Pikes, the tops are covered in clouds. The sun occasionally tried to break though adding a little bit of light into the valley floor adding a bit of colour against the greys.
My family weren’t as keen on this as me, apparently, it was cold sitting around.

Squeezing through the fat man’s agony

This is one of the reasons why I wanted to bring my family up here, it adds to the adventure when you have to scramble or squeeze through somewhere. Fortunately, it wasn’t wet as the rain hadn’t started yet so the rocks weren’t slippy. If you do this when it’s wet you do have to be even more careful.

I got the family to walk through in a line on the video, the drop off to the side looks impressive from a distance away. We squeezed my dad back through to get some photos.

Fat Man’s Agony

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After we’d walked through I set up the camera and framed up the scene with the fat man’s agony with Blea tarn off in the distance, the rain had started to make its way through adding a bit of a hazy look above the water. As you can see, it’s quite a tight squeeze with a drop on the other side. You can see how it got its name.

A full pack of Kappas

I ran from the base of Side Pike to try and catch up with my family, I met them on the way up to Lingmoor fell where they were waiting for me. Perfect location for a family photo

Side Pike and the Langdale Pikes

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After getting the family photo I focus back on landscape photography and looked down the stone wall which we followed up. We were now looking down onto Side Pike and across at the Langdale Pikes. Again the weather was moody, but this is how it often is in the Lake District. the bad weather made for some atmospheric photos!

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