Cloud Inversions In The Lake District | Landscape Photography On Black Combe

Climbing up Black Combe

I’ve been meaning to climb up Black Combe for a few years now as it’s one of those hills that you can see from a lot of places. Whenever I go to Earnsea bay, Black Combe and it’s always asking to be climbed.

My car had to go into the garage for its MOT so I had a courtesy car for the day, so we took our annual courtesy car road trip for an adventure into the Lake District.

Join me on the day by watching the video on my YouTube channel – Adam Kappa

Black Combe. The Lake District

We started the climb from the church and made our way up the road before reaching the tracks. It was our first time climbing Black Combe so we were thinking about the route more than usual but there was a sign post pointing the way which confirmed we were heading in the right direction.

The walk up was fairly simple but relatively steep. The bad thing about it is it’s more tiring but the good thing is that you get better views, sooner.

Black Combe 1

Windmills churning up the clouds

As we climbed up, the views over the coast opened up and you could see all of the wind turbines out in the sea. I’m not usually a fan of mad mad things but in the right conditions they can look pretty good.

I’ve been trying to use my 400mm lens for more landscape photography lately so that’s the first lens I opted for. Whilst looking for a frame I noticed that the clouds seemed to be hovering around the turbines, looking like they were being churned up by the turbines.

Black Combe 1 2

Blackpool tower above the clouds

To the left of the turbines the clouds had covered Barrow in Furness. There was a large strip of light cutting though the clouds. On the horizon you can see Blackpool tower poking out above the clouds.

Black Combe 3

The Clouds clearing revealing the Duddon Valley

The clouds then surrounded us meaning there were no views for the rest of the climb up. It felt a lot like the time we climbed up Pillar so we decided to shelter at the top and have dinner.

As we got the sandwhiches out the sun broke through and the clouds started to clear. I grabbed the camera and started sprinting across to the edge so that I could get a view down into the valley. I didn’t know what was going to be in front of me when it did clear but the view over the Duddon valley opened up.

Black Combe 7

Cloud inversion in the Lake District

After the clouds cleared we headed back onto the top to take in the views into the Lake District. On the day I couldn’t work out what I was looking at but this is looking towards the Coniston range. There were clouds inversions hugging the tops of the fells and following the rivers in the valleys.

The views at the top were different to what I expected but it was well worth going up there. After this, we went back down the same route but unfortunately we had already had the best of the light so there were no more landscape photographs on the way down.

On th drive home though we drove back into the clouds which meant I took a bit of a detour and returned to a tree which I’ve been wanting to photograph for a few years. On every other attempt the conditions were a bit too nice, this time it was very bleak completing the scene

The road to nowhere

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