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Watching a cloud inversion from Coniston Old Man


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I’ve been keeping my eye on the forecast lately for some decent weather to get up into the Lake District for some Landscape photography. Wednesday looked the most promising to me – No rain, some clouds. I’m not a huge fan of blue sky in photos so the clouds come in handy.

I went up Dow crag the week before and had a fun trip as it was the first time seeing a brocken spectre, I was hoping to see another on this trip but that was pretty unlikely. I started from Walna scar carpark and headed up past Goats water and up onto the Old man. On the way I spotted a few mountain rescue land rovers, it turned out they were looking for a couple of lads who’d got lost up on Dow Crag. I kept hearing shouting on the way up but I didn’t really know what to do in that situation. I stayed around until the clouds cleared and you could see the mountain rescue team up near one of the gulleys so I kept on going. You can donate to the mountain rescue here

Coniston old man panorama


About half way between Goats hawse and the top of the old man I looked back down the path and spotted the fells sticking up through the clouds and decided to stop to get a photo. A Panorama seemed to work best here as the foreground was grass and the sky was pretty featureless above the clouds.

After getting the photo I went up to the top and there was a man setting up a aerial (Might be the wrong word) for something called Sota – Summits on the air. It’s the first time I’ve seen it up on the fells so it was pretty cool to see. I got a couple of photos down towards Low water before the sun went to low to reach the water and then Rob turned up, we’ve chatted over on Instagram in the past, you can see his photos here

Walking along Dow Crag Panorama



The clouds started to roll over Dow crag and then a group of people appeared on the ridge leading up to Dow crag so I put on the 135mm and shot another panorama with there silhouettes on the skyline. I kept an eye on them as they made there way across the skyline as they were walking towards where the sun was setting which gave off some nice colours in the sky. This is the simplest composition from the night but it’s my favourite.

Low water below the clouds on Coniston Old Man



Walking the sunset skyline through the clouds. Dow Crag

I put the video camera for my vlog away and then the clouds rolled in around us (typical) but it was nice to just enjoy the moment rather than try and explain everything and making a mistake. I got a panorama, landscape and portrait photo of the clouds as I wanted to show the scale and the details. Everything kept changing so it was just quickly adjusting the compositions depending on the light.


Watch the behind the scenes video


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