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Climbing Helvellyn Via Striding Edge

The Iconic Lake District Walk

The boys and I climbed Helvellyn back in September, climbing over the iconic Striding Edge ridge. Looking back through the GoPro footage a few months later, made me realise the Lake District is pretty special, isn’t it? 

We had an early start, hoping to make the most of the morning light and mainly, the lack of people.

Starting from Patterdale, we made our way up the gradual climb leading up towards the hole in the wall. This is where I soon realised that The Mache and Joey are both quicker than me and my dad, plus they can keep walking for longer. I only slowed us down for 2-3 breaks and then we made it up to the wall. The view of Striding Edge dominating the left-hand side of the view, leading you to the top of Helvellyn. To the right, Swirrel edge brought you back down to Red Tarn. We also had our eye on Catstye Cam as it wouldn’t add much distance onto the walk, so why not?

As we climbed up towards the ridge, the wind got stronger and colder so as we got closer we found a sheltered spot, grabbed a drink and added some extra clothing layers.

I’d thrown the GoPro into my bag as a last minute decision in the morning, it could be cool to get the boys scrambling over Striding Edge, so I fashioned up and strapped the GoPro to my forehead, keeping my hands free for grip and my camera.

Join us on the scramble over the edge to the top of Helvellyn and see the view at the top

Watch the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos.

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