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Climbing England’s Highest Mountain | Scafell Pike And The Corridor Route


Climbing Scafell Pike, The Highest Mountain In England

Scafell Pike is the aim for a lot of walkers in the Lake District. The main reason is it being the highest point in England, meaning you get great views as well as the bragging rights when talking to your friends and family. We tend to do the climb from Wastwater, which itself is an amazing view.

My uncle was in the area for a few days so we decided to head to Wastwater and climb to the top via Mickledoor. The route up Mickledoor starts from the campside at Wasdale head, following the tourist route up the river, over the stepping stones and then up the yellow brick road on a slightly torturous path which the national trust has built steps. This path is easy to follow, eventually leading to a zig-zag track up to the top of the mountain.

We turned off before the zig-zag path and aimed at the rocky gulley, covered in loose rocks. This route is more difficult than the main path as the loose rocks can be tricky to walk on, plus you have to scramble up the gulley before eventually reaching a more open area. To the left you will see a mountain rescue box.

Heading left once we got to the open area, we made you way over the moonscape, keeping an eye out for the cairns which previous walkers have left behind. It can be tricky to spot a small pile of rocks amongst the other larger piles of rocks, but if you plan ahead you will be able to scout out the route ahead. If you’re heading up onto the hills, you should be carrying a map anyway, so the map always has the route on.

Once we made our way through the moonscape, we eventually topped out and climbed onto the platform at the top of the hill, for a brief moment becoming the highest people in England. The top is a great place to have dinner, so we found shelter, put on a coat and had sandwiches here.

We had a few choices at the top about which way to go back down, we could either ;
A. Go back down the same way
B. Go down the tourist route
C. Go down the Corridor route and passed the pub

We decided to see something new, and headed in the opposite direction to which we climbed before dropping down left down via more rocky screes, up a small scramble and then back down the valley heading to the pub. 

It was a decent sized walk in the end and my legs definitely felt it. To join me on the walk, watch the video at the top of this page and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos

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