Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District

Climbing Blencathra Via Sharp Edge | Landscape Photography In The Clouds

One Of The Lake Districts Most Famous Scrambles.

The first time I climbed sharp edge I ran up it, without any questions. The 2nd time I took a wrong turn and got scared so I wanted to come back and face my fear and kill it before it lays eggs. Climbing mountains and looking down the big drops is my favourite thing to do so I want to keep in control of that fear.

This trip was a lot better for photography as the weather conditions made for some dramatic photographs. Join me on the day by watching the vlog

Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District

The start of the climb

well sort of, we’d already been walking for about 45 minutes to an hour by the time I took the first photograph. The start of the climb is actually a walk up through some fields surrounded by bracken. I was convinced that the clouds were going to lift though so we kept on walking and got up onto the edge before that happened.

Once we started to climb onto the edge, you could see the clouds passing through the valley. Here you can see my dad climbing up

Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District

Sharp Edge cutting into the clouds

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I got into a position where I thought the best views would be once the clouds lifted. You could see the dark rocks creating a point – some might call it a sharp edge, which was cutting up into the sky. I framed up a shot that was roughly 50/50 rocks and clouds to try and give a sense of the scale.

The plan in my head was to wait until the clouds passed through the background opening up views on Blencathra, now we just had to wait

Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District

I Messed Up

Apparently, I got the maths wrong and got us onto sharp edge 2 hours earlier than we needed to be there. Maybe I could have let my dad have a break on the walk up, maybe not. I guess we’ll never know… Sorry dad

Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District


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The clouds were changing a lot, but they were generally getting worse and the visibility was dropping. Here’s my dad looking out. These photos were a few seconds apart

Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District

Starting to clear

Every now and again the temperature would change, 1 minute it got warmer as the sun was trying to break through the clouds and the next the temperature dropped as the clouds got thicker.

There was occasionally a glimmer of hope on the horizon where you could faintly see the outline of the rest of the ridge climbing into the sky. It was more of a faint silhouette than a view but enough to get excited about

Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District

I missed the shot

The clouds cleared, and my composition didn’t line up with the top of the mountains and the composition didn’t work. I quickly moved my camera around looking for a composition that would get sharp edge looking intimidating on the left with the rest of the climb going into the clouds but the clouds rolled back in.

Luckily, I was able to learn from this and recompose the photo ready for the next chance. I’m happy with the end result. Sharp edge climbs up from the bottom left leading up into the clouds as the dark rocks create patterns under the clouds. Well worth the wait

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Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District

Sharp Edge Climbing into the sky

I moved compositions to get more of sharp edge into the photograph, hoping to get a more intimidating look with the drops down to the left.

I liked how the sharp edges contrasted with the softer flow of the clouds. It sort of made arches over the spikes.

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Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District

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The Kappas

Did it even happen if you didn’t get a selfie?

Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District

Looking back at Sharp Edge

It doesn’t look like much from the side, it looks a lot more intimidating when you’re climbing it

Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District

The view from Blencathra

The light was pretty horrible once we reached the top, maybe the view would have been better if we kept on climbing and got above the clouds in the morning. I don’t think this would compare to what we saw though.

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