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The Fairfield Horseshoe the Lake District 3 1

Climbing the Fairfield horseshoe to get views over Windermere, Ambleside, Rydal, Grasmere and Helvellyn. On the map, it looked like a good walk so I decided to head out and give it a try

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If looks could kill

In my last video, I was up on the hills surrounding Coniston. On the way down I stopped by the edge of Coniston water and had a little walk down the pier and posted a photo on my Instagram story asking if I should jump in.

Jumping into Coniston is one of the things that you do if you grow up around here so I kind of wanted to jump in any way. I couldn’t get internet until I got closer to home but once the votes came in on the poll, it was a unanimous yes, so I had to go back

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Sharp Edge Blencathra. The Lake District

Last week I climbed sharp edge and got scared so I wanted to come back and face my fear and kill it before it lays eggs. Climbing mountains and looking down the big drops is my favourite thing to do so I want to keep in control of that fear.

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A Curious Baby Herdwick Sheep. Sunrise On Wastwater

The plan was to head up to Wastwater to climb up Great Gable. We wanted to get there early so that we could avoid the crowds and we could climb up before the sun got too high making it hot. I decided that we may as well go a “little bit earlier” (AKA Wake up at 3 am) and watch the sunrise over Wastwater. It was an early start, but it was worth the extra bit of effort.

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Clear Water Cascades Brotherswater. The Lake District
The plan was to go up to the Priest hole but on the way up I got distracted by a few scenes and decided that walking past them all, I would change the plans and experiment with some long exposures in the water. I've been up to the priest hole a few times now so
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Kentmere Horseshoe

Our first attempt at climbing the Kentmere horseshoe didn’t go very well. The conditions were to icy and we didn’t have crampons so we ended up abandoning that plan early and staying down in the valley. This time we waited for a sunny spring day and started walking up from Longsleddle heading towards Haweswater.

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Walking Through The Lake District Bluebells

I returned to sea wood near Ulverston to photograph the Bluebells and Wild garlic which should be out in full flower. It was a rainy afternoon which made the colours pop out more, although it did make taking the photographs a bit more difficult…

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The Start Of Spring In The Lake District

This day started out by going into the woods to try and photograph the deer walking through the bluebells. This plan didn’t really come together as there was no deer in the woods. The bluebells weren’t fully out in flower either so I returned a week or so later and tried again. The bluebells were there, the deer were not

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I’ve heard a lot of rumours over the years that there were poachers that used crossbows but figured they were just stories, whilst out photographing pheasants I stumbled upon a crossbow bolt sticking out of the ground. It’s possible that it was just somebody out practising their archery but somehow I doubt that

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Walking Into The Mist. Gummers How

The weather was perfect for a trip into the woods as it was misty and there was a little bit of rain in the air which helped to add to the atmosphere. I walked up to the scene and went to set up my camera when I realised. My landscape photography camera wasn’t in my bag…

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