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All posts in: Equipment

The BEST Accessories For Landscape Photography . Essentials And Excuse Killers

What are the best landscape photography accessories?
Most of my equipment falls into 2 categories: Excuse killers and essentials so that’s how we’ll split up the best landscape photography accessories

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Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW Review
Is it the best bag for landscape photography?   I've been using the Lowepro Whistler 450 BP AW camera bag for all of my photography for just over a year, here's my review covering: How comfy the bag is. How much gear can you fit inside and is it value for money?   **This is an
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Cleaning Full Frame Camera Sensor For The First Time. See The Results

I’ve been putting this off for a long time. I’m generally quite optimistic but messing about with the insides of the camera can always make things worse. I was pleasantly surprised this time though and my sensor looks completely different now, it was simple to clean as well

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leaving the house

Recently I have been videoing the hedgehogs that have just come out of hibernation. I mostly shot on a big tripod but I was unable to get the angle I actually wanted. Being at eye level with the animals seems to make everything more realistic so I looked into getting a tripod without a centre column

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Budget Friendly Landscape Photography Bag

Photos of Ulverston in the snow at the start of 2018. We don’t often get good snow in Ulverston so when it’s here you have to go out and make the most of it. I headed out with the camera. Half of Ulverston headed out with a sledge. Here’s some photos of Ulverston in the snow, now available as prints

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2 stop ND grad

Last week I did a video on camera accessories for landscape photography and whilst I was out in Grizedale Forrest it got me thinking about how much I actually needed to carry some of it so I decided to compare my ND Graduated filters to HDR.

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100mm Macro Lens vs budget 2

Last year I made a video showing the budget set up I made for macro photography. It uses the Canon 600d (Outdated, now the 700d) with the kit lens plus a set of extension tubes, a cheap flash from china and a diffuser made from a take away box.

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Walking Along Dow Crag Panorama

What have you got? Any of the entry level DSLR’s will work great, I started with the Canon 600d which has now been replaced by the Canon 750d and that works great, it’s the camera I used in the beginners guide to macro photography

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1 6Seconds

This was another trip out to experiment with the Lee little stopper. The weather wasn’t great, grey sky looking like it’s about to rain so I headed to a quarry which has a little water fall at the end, I was hoping that because I was at the top of the quarry looking down, the sky wouldn’t matter. My ankle is still playing up so there still wasn’t to much exploring in this video, hopefully it will be back to normal for when the decent weather returns.

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I recently bought a Lee Little Stopper (6 Stop) to get a photograph for a client. It’s not my usual style so I decided to head out into the Lake District and have a play and get used to it. I messed my ankle up at the weekend so I went to Blea tarn which only has a small walk

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