How To Camouflage A Camera Bag And Equipment For Under £1

How I Camouflage My Photography Gear And Equipment | Start To Finish DIY

I’ve had quite a lot of questions over the last few months asking where I get my camouflage covers for my lenses and tripod.

I make mine but I didn’t expect them to turn out that well so didn’t document how they were made. I recently got given a new camera bag and decided it would make a good day bag to carry my landscape photography gear whilst out shooting the wildlife in case I spotted anything.

Here’s how you can camouflage your camera equipment

I’ve made a video showing the whole process from start to finish. From the initial plans to cutting out material and working out how to use the sewing machine. It took me longer to set the machine up than it did to do everything else…


The plan Camouflage cover for camera equipment

The Plan

I drew out a rough plan of what I wanted the cover to look like. My sewing skills are almost non-existent so I tried to keep everything in straight lines. I measured side to side and top to bottom and then added on a few cms, I figured that I could fold the fabric over to create a channel for some elastic to go through, allowing me to pull the cover tight on the bag

Drawing out the plan Camouflage cover for camera equipment

Drawing The Plan On The Fabric

I drew the plan out onto the back of the fabric with a marker pen so I could see what I was doing a bit easier

Cutting out the fabric Camouflage cover for camera equipment

Cutting Out The Fabric

The plan had moved from the paper to the back of the fabric so I grabbed some scissors and cut it out

Sewing the cover Camouflage cover for camera equipment

Sewing The Cover

Setting the machine up to me a lot longer than it should have done, it took me longer to do that than every other step.  I sewed along the lines I’d drawn out and then tested if the elastic would fit. Surprisingly, it did

Cutting out the arms Camouflage cover for camera equipment

Cutting The Arms Out

The otherwise flawless masterplan forgot to cover the arms. I pulled the straps off and drew around the edges and then sew a line up the sides and pulled them over the arms

Finished Camouflage cover for camera equipment

Finished Product

Job done, and it only cost me about 50p to make it. I took it outside and it worked perfectly, the goats couldn’t even see it.

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