Budget Friendly Camera Bag For Landscape Photography | Beaspire Camera Bag Review

Budget Friendly Camera Bag For Landscape Photography | Beaspire Camera Bag Review

I occasionally get asked by companies to do a review of there product, so far I’ve said no as there “reviews” mean reading out a list of what they want you to hear, aka not a review.

Beaspire asked for an honest review with no strings attached so I decided to give it a try as they must be confident in the bag, here’s my opinions on it. the bag costs £49.99 so I looked at it as if that’s what I’d paid for the bag

You can get the bag here:

UK: http://amzn.to/2FEmUa1 | US: http://amzn.to/2DoRn9S

Budget Friendly Landscape Photography Bag

1st Impressions

I was pleasantly surprised with the bag. It’s lightweight and is backloading making it more secure as you have to take the bag off to access the cameras. It has quite a lot of padding on the back section making it comfy to wear.

I configured the camera section with a canon 5diii, 24-70 2.8ii, my Lee filters and a 135mm and headed to the beach. Unfortunately, the tide didn’t line up with what I had in mind so I stopped on the rocks and tried the bag out.

A lot of the time speed is a factor when doing landscape photography as the light changes quickly so I started standing and then got the camera out and set up the tripod. It only took a few seconds to get all set up so I was quite impressed. In the video, I did it with no practice runs to give a 1st-time attempt, I got the tripod leg caught on one of the straps but after a bit of practice that isn’t a problem.

You can attach the tripod onto the straps on the front of the bag but due to the weight of mine, I like to keep it close to my back to keep the centre of gravity near my back to help with balance. There are straps on the side of the bag that allow you to do this so that worked well.

Budget Friendly Landscape Photography Bag


The negative things I found were that once I had my camera set up in the bag I had no room for anything else e.g. clothing or dinner so I can’t see me taking this up a mountain for how I work but it would be a good day bag for taking 1 camera and a few extras.

The other thing I wasn’t sure on was the clips and strap at the top of the bag, they worked with no problems but the clips felt a little plastic-y so I’m intrigued to see how they hold up in the cold. I can’t comment on that though as I think the cold weather has now passed



I think it’s pretty good value for money for what you get. The backloading part is a deal breaker for me so it gets a lot of plus points for having that. Knowing that someone can’t sneak up and take your camera out helps a lot for the piece of mind.

I don’t think I’d use this as a mountaineering bag as I carry to much stuff, it would make for a good day bag, out with friends when I want to take a camera too. It would be good for beginners too as the smaller camera would fit inside without taking up as much room, and you can get a few accessories inside too


Here are a few more photographs of the bag so you can see it in more detail, watch the video on my YouTube channel – Adam Kappa to see the bag in use


You can get the bag here:

UK: http://amzn.to/2FEmUa1 | US: http://amzn.to/2DoRn9S

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