The American Road Trip Part 1

In October of 2015 I was fortunate enough that  Hannah and Alex invited me out to Charlottesville Virginia in fall (Autumn) of 2015 to capture there wedding day. I'd previously met Hannah during her trip to the Lake District as she was doing some research for her next book.
This was definitely one of best things I've achieved so far and it was the moment that convinced me I might have a chance at doing this full time. Once the book is out I will let you know.

Some of you may remember me adding some photos but in case you missed it. Click here to see more photos from the day

Anderson wedding

Hannah also asked how long I would like to be in America for and the answer was of course, as long as possible and the flights were booked for 3 weeks.  I had a lot of time to organise my trip but I did nothing except hire a car an contact some friends in the area an then just wing it so I wasn't tied down to anything.

"I can always sleep in the car or camp out somewhere" was my only plan going into this but if my mum asks all the hotels were booked...

from Charlottesville I made my way across to my friends near Washington D. C.  I spent some of the time wandering the old battlefields and the woods as the Autumn colours were starting to come out. Then my friend Carly had a day off work so we headed out on a walk

Old rag mountain

I think this was the highest point I went to on the whole trip with an elevation of 1,001m (3,291 feet) so we had some good views on the way up. The walking was different to here in the lakes we had to make our way through some rocks near the top following arrows that were painted onto the rocks. Here's a few photos from the walk including the snake that I  grabbed the tail of ( no idea why )

Washington D.C.

I'm not a huge fan of cities but it's good to see something different every now and again. I was typical tourist and went to all of the standard spots E.g. The Lincoln memorial and the Washington monument and then just wandered around in between.

"You're supposed to ask first" #themoreyouknow

Luray Caverns

This was another road trip with Carly, I don't think I would of found this place on my own. They were caverns underground where a guide explained everything about the rocks, I don't remember any of that so here's a picture instead, some of the areas had water in which gave a perfect reflection which looked pretty cool.

Great falls

Google kept suggesting this place to me when searching for locations close by so I decided to go and check it out. I wanted to shoot it at sunset but the day I choose was a little bit over cast so the sky wasn't as vibrant but the views were still amazing. Going here also opened up a different opportunity for me but I will cover that in part 2

Great falls

I hope you've enjoyed looking at the pictures so far, I will try and get part 2 uploaded as soon as possible for you.

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