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I got contacted by Sleeklens about doing a review of there "Landscape adventure photoshop actions" package. I haven't done any reviews before so this seemed like a good place to start as it looked like something that may come in handy occasionally. I've not been payed for this so it will be a honest review.
I've been using the Landscape package but you can see other the photoshop packages here


Download file, unzip ,  double click on the Sleeklens Landscape PS Actions  (ATN file) , find the actions bar on Photoshop. Pretty straight forward


My editing approach is normally pretty minimal: Check the white balance to make sure the colours match what happened on the day. A few local adjustment - shadows and highlight  and then removing any dust spots. I like to document my photos the way I saw them in real life.

The sleeklens actions let you take it further to create a more dramatic/artistic look. There's a mixture of actions to choose from, I think they're best used as a starting point and then you fine tune them with layer masks and opacity etc

The Plan

To see the difference I've got 2 versions of the same photo 1) The way I would normally edit it.  2) With the sleeklens action
Use the slider to compare the 2. I've used photos from a recent walk up to Pillar



Original Edit

ALLINONE Deep Cinematic (40% Opacity)

BASE Dramatic Contrast (20%) . TONE Cinematic (40%) . ENHANCE Deep Blue Sky (100%)

TONE Dark and Stormy (40%) . ALLINONE Soft Golden Hour (50%)



I quite like it. I wasn't convinced straight away though as when you first apply the actions it was a bit off putting - like when you see a overcooked HDR image, but that is the adjustment at 100% which you fine tune afterwards allowing you to keep the image looking natural. 

Will you keep using them?

Yes, probably not for every image but as you can see in the photos above it did make some parts better, I still kept the adjustments pretty minimal but that will come down to personal preference. I can see me using this for the more dramatic shots with shadows and highlights