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Sophie Bennett from and I decided to team up and offer a website package to help get your business up and running, by providing a customized website to suit your needs with high quality images to grab peoples attention.

Sophie has over 4 years experience in Graphic design with a variety of different clients, she is able to create the website to suit your specific needs. This includes all of the branding e.g Logos and the creating of your website. All of the websites are designed to your needs so if your a musician wanting to showcase your music and offer lessons or your a shop and want to create a platform to sell your products online. Sophie can create that for you.

There's a variety of different packages depending on your needs go to to find out more.
I'm in charge of creating the photographs that go onto your site, I've had experience shooting a wide range of subjects. e.g. Food, Hotel rooms,portraits, products , corporate events, landscapes and more.  I've been working as a photographer for just over 2 years but have had a passion for creating images for a lot longer than that.

With that experience I am able to come along to your business and adapt to the scenario to best show case your business.  

So far we've worked together on 4 projects, 1 of which is up and running-
(Screen shot below)

If you'd like to work with us or know somebody who is thinking of updating there website, please contact me or Sophie at