Branstree and Selside Pike - Haweswater

Behind the scenes

This was more of a opportunist walk rather than a planned one for a few reasons:

  1.  I had to go to Tebay to finish off a commission,  The trees I was photographing were at about the half way point for driving up to Haweswater so it made sense to carry on the extra bit.
  2. I got a new bag and it's heavier than my old one (18kg or so), so I'm trying to get as much walking done to get my legs used to it so I can run for longer distances with it.
  3. Main reason - The sun was shining and I wanted to go out for a walk

My dad came along this time and we started the walk at Mardale head making our way up following the path marked "Gatescarth pass" and up on to Branstree. 


From the top of here you could see across to Scafell and Scafell Pike- the longest lens I had was a 135mm so I couldn't get as close as I would of liked but it's enough to prove the point.

I've been taking as many chances as possible lately to improve my panorama technique, the one from this point failed in a few areas on the tops of the fells as they don't line up properly. I think it's because they were shot at 24mm so there's a little bit of distortion which might be the problem so hopefully that won't happen again. 
The plan was to get a panorama with High street, Riggendale and Kidsty Pike on the left with Haweswater on the right. This wasn't the view I had in my head though so I'm not to bothered that it didn't work. Here's a photo of Haweswater instead

Looking down Haweswater

Looking down Haweswater

We carried on from here up onto Selside Pike, which again wasn't the view I had in my head but it was still nice as you got a better view across to Riggendale. Once we got down to the Corpse road the view came together with Haweswater in the "V" shape I had in mind, looking up over Riggendale and High street. It would of been nice if this was on the 1st hill we climbed but 3rd time was the charm.
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Hayeswater from the Corpse Road. The Lake District

Hayeswater from the Corpse Road. The Lake District


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