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Bici Cafe | Adam Kappa Photography

I was recently asked to photograph the new cafe that recently opened in the Gill in Ulverston. It's a small town so I've overheard people talking about the renovations and walked past them a few times, so when I got the email I was excited to be a part of it. I had also talked to Kat a year or so a go before the renovations about cycling across America so it makes sense to why it is now converted into a cycling inspired cafe.

Bici Cafe | Ulverston | Adam Kappa Photography
Bici Cafe | Ulverston | Adam Kappa Photography

Bici (Read- Beachy) is a authentic Italian cafe that offers simple food made with the finest local ingredients allowing the natural flavours come through. I tried the Margherita pizza thanks to Gwills recommendation and it was spot on, you can see it cooking in the wood fired oven above. I watched the full process from the bar area from pressing/rolling out the dough, choosing the ingredients through to the pizza being loaded into the oven with the traditional wooden peel. (I also saw the dough proving the evening before when we did the interior photos) So they control everything from start to finish.

They offer both a brunch and a evening menu also with coffee and cocktails. Click here to view the menu's. If you'd like to find out more go to and book yourself a table.
Here's a few of the photos to give you an idea of what to expect!

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