A Roadtrip To New York

A Roadtrip To New York

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After Washington D.C I decided to make my way towards New York. I'd booked a last minute hotel on New Jersey which had it's plus' and it's negatives. It was a cheaper but I had to work out how to get into the city in the morning. The main bonus though was the view of the New York Skyline at night.
I set off from the hotel towards the Hudson river looking for somewhere that looked relatively safe enough to stand around with my camera gear. I found a spot where there was a group of people playing football on small sports complex and decide to try it out

Available as a print

Available as a print

Day 1 in New York

I decided to start the day early to give me some time to make mistakes. I was told there was a tube station up the road from hotel so I started wandering in that direction. On the way I walked past a smaller hotel with a bus outside and the bus driver shouted across to me "New York" and apparently that's all it takes to convince me, I gave the driver the $2.00 he asked for and took a seat. There was me an 2 other passengers to begin with so I was skeptical at first but as we got closer to the city the bus filled and I got the feeling we had to be going in the right direction or at least somewhere worth going. Fortunately I picked the right bus and we reached the city. Unfortunately it started to rain and I didn't take a coat... You can't have everything.

Day 2 in New York

I didn't get that many photos on the first day because of the weather so I decided to book an extra night in the city to make the most of my time there. I didn't really have any specific plans other than to just wander so there's a mixture of photos. I couldn't get my head around the subway so I just went everywhere by foot. The hotel I stayed in was on wall street which turned out to be near the world trade center so I managed to get a photo at night time too.

It's A Small World

I headed back towards Washington D.C. and got contacted by a friend from school that had seen the great falls photo and it turned out that he lived about 30 minutes away from where I was staying so I decided to go and call in on him at work. What are the chances of that?

The Last Few Days

I spent the last few days doing the bits I did't get time to do on my first few days. Carly took me to a Haunted house and into Washington D.C. for Halloween ( I didn't get any photos) we also went across to the Skyline drive to see the Autumn colours plus we saw bears there, it's safe to say I wouldn't of done a lot of these things with out Carlys help so thank you for that! I appreciate it.  I went to the air and space museum, across to the Arlington memorial and back into the City . 

I'd like to say thank you again to Hannah and Alex for making this possible and giving me the opportunity to be part of your wedding day. The whole experience leading up to the day getting to know your friends,going out for drinks and meals etc was awesome and that's coming from someone that usually avoids those situations! (also thank you to Danielle and Grace for taking me under your wing and putting up with me for those few days)

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