Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW Review | The Best Bag For Landscape Photography?

The Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW 

The Best Bag For Landscape Photography?


A few of you have asked about the bag I use for landscape photography so I decided to make a video about it. Some of you had more questions so I grabbed a few photos to explain it better. I’m currently using the Lowepro Whistler 450 AW

I’m not sponsored by Lowepro so these are my opinions, this is just my way of saying cheers for subscribing to my YouTube channel. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or on the YouTube video





  • Carry a lot of camera equipment
  • Carry clothing/gear for being up in the mountains
  • Pretty waterproof
  • Has a sweet holder on the belt
  • Camera gear is inside a hardish case. I hit the deck whilst walking down Pillar. I took a few rocks out with my neck and hurt my leg but there are no marks on the bag and the cameras were fine
  • Strong enough to put up with some abuse



    • Expensive
    • Annoyingly heavy – Not too heavy, but you know it’s there.


  • The dividers are quite rigid, I can’t fit the 135mm with the lens hood fitted backwards. It fits upside down though like in the videos so it’s not a big issue



Outside The Bag


Plenty of straps to attach equipment


What fits in the bag?


Vlogging bag

Main compartment: Canon 5Diii with 24-70 2.8iiCanon 70d with 10-18 mm F4.5-5.6Canon 135mm F2 . Rode Videomic pro, Lee Filters, Hoya Cpl Filters, Lens cloths, Trigger release



Vlogging camera bag

Vlogging camera bag


Landscape And Wildlife Camera Bag


Main compartment: Canon 5Diii with 24-70 2.8iiCanon 7Dii with 135mm F2.0Canon 400mm F5.6 . Lee Filters, Hoya Cpl Filters. Lens cloth. Trigger release


Normal Camera bag setup


Front Compartment

  • Drink
  • Lens cleaning stuff
  • Layers – hoodies, tops, coats
  • Gorilla Pod

For sunset/rise trips I also put a torch in this compartment


Top Compartment

    • Sweets (Very important)
    • Gloves
    • Rainproof coat
    • Windproof coat
    • Map
    • Compass
  • Built-in rain cover for the bag


Straps And Other Things You Might Want To See


What I Used Before

A walking bag my neighbour gave me with a side bag from an old camera that my friend gave me. I’ve got away with not buying a bag for about 5 years so that’s why I splashed out this time.
The big bag is now full of sandbags and weights and I use it to train my legs. Maybe soon I’ll stop bitching about how heavy the new bag is.



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2 replies on “Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW Review | The Best Bag For Landscape Photography?

  • Liam Good

    Hi Adam
    Enjoying your videos, nicely delivered, short enough not to be boring, lots of good info and tips. Overall great job, and fantastic location. I reckon Thomas Heaton also covers the Lake District, have you bumped into him yet? Always look forward to your videos, keep them coming.



    • Adam Kappa | Lake District Photographer

      Hi Liam,
      Thank you for watching them it means a lot! I try to get them under 10 minutes (Usually fail) but glad you think they’re not too long. Cramming as much distance in as possible tends to take it over. Coniston is my favourite, figured it would be the best spot to show the bag.

      He’s often in the Lakes, I’ve not seen any other vloggers yet. Met a couple people up on the fells that are there because of a video though which was cool. If there’s anything you’d want to see give me a shout. Always looking for new ideas



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