Let's answer the number one question first.

My name is Adam Kapustynskyj


The name is from the Ukraine and most people call me Kappa.

Yes, it has a J on on the end. Wild, I know.

No, that’s not my dog. Yes, he’s a good boy.

That answers most of all the questions people ask, but there’s more.

The Story

Northerner/Adventurer/Picture Taker

Growing up in the North West of England just outside the English Lake District in a town called Ulverston, I spent a lot of time out on the hills and lakes with my family exploring before eventually picking up a camera to document parts of the days out.

I picked up a small point and shoot camera which unfortunately fell into Coniston water whilst climbing out of a kayak. I got the camera back, but it was lifeless so I took the next step and got a DSLR with better weather sealing  and this is when the photography took over.

After a few years I started getting more and more invested into taking better photographs, when people started contacting me to take on photography jobs around my full time job as a butcher and fish monger. Working 7:30 til 5 on the butchers counter and evenings and weekends photographing events and commercial projects. 

Since then I have travelled all around the UK photographing events, weddings and commercial projects with the occasional international travel to locations such as Virginia to photograph a wedding and the French Alps for landscape photography.

All the while trying to figure out which direction I want to go in before settling in to what I enjoy the most.

I now predominantly shoot mens fashion photography and landscape photography for my shop and for my YouTube channel. Not a normal combination, but who wants to be normal.

Fill your walls

The End Result

Once the images have been created I turn the photographs into artwork which can be displayed on your walls, helping to bring back memories from your favourite walks in the Lake District hills.

My photographs are featured in the Laura Ashley Belsfield hotel and many houses around the world, bringing a piece of the Lake District home.

Thank you for choosing Adam Kappa Photography

P.s. I love hearing stories of how my images have created a talking point in your homes so please get in touch if you have any. It would be great to see where the artwork is now displayed. Please contact me with your photographs.