About Adam Kappa Photography

Adam Kappa. LAke District photographer

Who is Adam Kappa?

I’m a nature boy at heart so I’ve been outside right from the start as I live near the English Lake District. We’d go out walking, kayaking, fishing, camping… Pretty much anything you could do outside. As a kid I wasn’t really into photography as I just wanted to play but as I got older documenting the trips became part of the fun of it.
After dropping a few cameras in lakes I upgraded to a DSLR and my dad and I decided to head up Helvellyn to get some nice views from there I was hooked. A couple of hotels hired me to photograph their menus and I grew up my photography knowledge from there.

Since then I’ve had my landscape work featured in the Laura Ashley Belsfield hotel where I also photographed the launch night of the hotel. Weddings have taken me all around the Lake District as well as out to Virginia, USA. I’ve photographed commercially for a range of hotels as well as Cartmel sticky toffee pudding and Wax Lyrical.

About YouTube

Landscape Photography Vlogs

The YouTube videos started in 2015 as a way to show what goes into creating the images as when doing landscape photography you only usually share 1 or 2 special moments from the trip. The videos are an authentic look at what really goes on, It’s not always as glamorous as the photos make out but landscapes are where my heart is at so it would be great if you joined me in the landscape photography vlogs.

Watching, liking and sharing the videos greatly helps to support my business. If you like the videos please subscribe and join me on more adventures

Photography Guides

A lot of what I have learned as a photographer came from YouTube so to pay it forward I’ve created some of my own tutorials based on mistakes I’ve made in the past. Mainly aimed at beginner photographers looking to get started but hopefully, there’s something to learn for everybody