3 Gorgeous Ways to Display Your Favorite Travel Photos

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Your travel photos are little pieces of memory and amazing experiences that will always be with you. Many people may not know this, but they could be awesome works of art to display in your home and office!

With even phone cameras having such great quality and DSLR professional cameras being so common, you may have quite a few professional-looking snaps on your hands. Why waste those gorgeous stretches of sand, sea, mountains, or wherever you may have had the luck to visit?

Putting these pictures in simple frames may be underrating them, though. Check out these gorgeous methods to display your favorite picks and upscale your surroundings at the same time.

1. The Shadowbox Technique

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Is that beach simply too breathtaking to be contained in a tony frame? Blow it up a bit and have it installed in a shadow box for that extra depth and attraction. You can utilize the space inside for stones, a tiny vial full of sand, shells, dried seaweed, or any other souvenirs you picked up from that place.

This incredibly simple yet satisfying project will make the travel photos not just look good on your walls, but turn the whole thing into a conversation piece. It will also give those souvenirs a home; otherwise, they may simply be stored in boxes until you get tired of them taking up space. Overall, this is an excellent idea for displaying all sorts of memories in one place.

One great tip is to use a paper printed with a plank, sandy, or wooden design and use it as a background in a huge sandbox. A smaller picture installed in the printed portrait backgrounds would pop even more then, especially when surrounded by beautiful memorabilia.

2. The Watercolor Effect

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If you’ve captured some staggeringly beautiful photos of nature with a high-quality phone camera, turn them into watercolors to make them even more striking. No, we’re not asking you to manually recreate these snaps with watercolor paints on your own. This is the twenty-first century, and there’s an app for everything!

Simply download an app for transforming pictures into watercolors, stonework, and many more options and give them that unique touch. One such app is Waterlogue, but you can use whichever one you like. Use Canva or some other app to add some text, such as an anecdote about your trip, if you like.

Display these watercolors with other decoration pieces to bring out their full potential. Again, you may use souvenirs from the same trips. You may want to consider larger ones like exotic fans displayed with the famous cherry trees in Japan.

3. The Gallery Wall

Who says you need to visit an art gallery to appreciate beauty in one place? When you have some gorgeous travel photos already, there’s no excuse not to display them like the works of art they are. They may not be able to compete with the great artists, but their combined sentimentality and beauty will make them a win for every home.

Choose the biggest, clearest, and more awe-inspiring picture you have and make that the center of your gallery wall. The best places for such displays are usually near your entrance or a large wall in a common room, like the living room or TV lounge.

You can then surround it with other photos of the same trip or your whole traveling experience.

Don’t just stop at the photos, either. Inexpensive and beautiful frames are easily available, so get some in all sizes and slip in some travel quotes, maps, and postcards to create a scrapbook effect.

Guest Post by Wendy Dessler

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